Water = Crisis

This post is inspired by the week four challenge – go global. I focused on the world’s water crisis.

Did you know that as it says on the charity : water website, “diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people each year  than all forms of violence, even war”? Did you know that as it says on the charity : water website “women usually walk for three hours to the nearest form of water that are exposed to all kinds of germs and diseases”. Did you know that as it says on the charity : water website, “They collect water in empty gasoline cans that weigh up to 40 pounds when full with water.” One organization that tries to stop that is charity : water. Charity : water builds freshwater wells in communities that have unclean and germ infested water. Their mission is to help people that don’t have access to any fresh or clean water get simple things that might help. They say on their website that they want to build ” things like freshwater wells, rainwater catchments, and sand filters.” You can help by raising awareness and telling people about the water crisis and start fundraisers and donate the money to them. If you chose to make a difference in the world what cause would you help?

This picture is from the video on the website charity : water


This is the video of charity : water

3 thoughts on “Water = Crisis

  1. That was a great video Riley! That really made me think on how water changes peoples lives. I think that video will teach many children MAYBE adults on how water changes everything. Great Post too. I learned that you really do have to be careful when using water. Oh, by the way my name is Emily aka Science Girl Em. I also wrote a post on the water problems. ( In my state, Kansas ). Please visit my blog Thanks!

    From: Science Girl Em

  2. Hi Riley,
    I never knew that dirty water killed even more people then violence! I really enjoyed the video, it really made me think of how sad it is they can’t even have a cup of water without being hesitant.

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