The Pro’s and Con’s of Blogs

I personally like having a blog that I can make my own. By having a blog you can express your feelings and show who you really are. You can choose your own backgrounds, make your own avatar, and post whatever is on your mind. You can put widgets for people to have fun with and you can put links to whoever elses blog you want. But on the badside, sometimes you can be distracted by fun widgets or sounds/pictures on the blog instead of being focused on reading their posts. Also, you might have really interesting or good posts and someone doesn’t like your background or avatar so they just leave your blog without reading anything.

Week 10: Evaluation

For the week ten challenge, Toby evaluated my blog. He said that I had very good, thoughtful, and meaningful posts. He said that my background was too boring and too bright green. What he liked about my blog was my avatar and how I described it. Also, he liked my about me page because it was “cool” and he liked my poem. He said that what immediately captured his attention was my Archimedes video and he was excited to watch it and find out who he was.


For the week 8 challenge, I am writing a story about the time I was in danger of being mugged.

One summer break, my family and I went to New York. I was really hungry because I didn’t have breakfast and there was a lot of food carts next to us. My father gave me some money to buy some lunch. I ran around trying to find out what I wanted screaming “I have money but I can’t decide!” I was 8 years old so I didn’t realize it was so dangerous when I looked around and saw many eyes peering out at me and starting to shuffle towards me. My family realized what was happening and swept me back to the hotel where we had room service and a long talk about being careful with screaming that you money in New York.

A Story About a Leprechaun

Leprechaun Shaun is frozen like this forever. But it wasn’t always like this. He was the best and most tricky leprechaun ever. He willingly let people find his gold but always tricked them into losing it. One day an alien decided to visit Earth and he landed in the middle of a field. Shaun saw this and decided to let the alien find his gold. The alien did indeed find his gold under a bush.  All the while, the leprechaun chuckled from under a different bush at the look on the alien’s excited face. The alien, thinking that he was being clever put a rock at the foot of the bush so he could find it again after he went back to his ship. Shaun swiftly put a rock at the foot of every bush within 100 yards. The alien came back and was very frustrated when he could not find the gold after searching 70 bushes for the gold. Shaun came out and laughed at the alien’s frustration. The alien got very angry and asked the leprechaun who he thought he was. Shaun responded that he was the person who just tricked him. The alien became furious and froze Shaun in that position forever. The moral of this story is……..never trick an alien!

Water = Crisis

This post is inspired by the week four challenge – go global. I focused on the world’s water crisis.

Did you know that as it says on the charity : water website, “diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people each year  than all forms of violence, even war”? Did you know that as it says on the charity : water website “women usually walk for three hours to the nearest form of water that are exposed to all kinds of germs and diseases”. Did you know that as it says on the charity : water website, “They collect water in empty gasoline cans that weigh up to 40 pounds when full with water.” One organization that tries to stop that is charity : water. Charity : water builds freshwater wells in communities that have unclean and germ infested water. Their mission is to help people that don’t have access to any fresh or clean water get simple things that might help. They say on their website that they want to build ” things like freshwater wells, rainwater catchments, and sand filters.” You can help by raising awareness and telling people about the water crisis and start fundraisers and donate the money to them. If you chose to make a difference in the world what cause would you help?

This picture is from the video on the website charity : water


This is the video of charity : water